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  • 27 January, 2021

2021... another year ho hum!!!

PK and I have been writing our RYD blog for over 6 years, producing in excess of 300 articles over that time. Our original idea and objective for the blog was to make a difference - to help people understand, prepare, embrace, and enjoy their retirement to the fullest.

On occasions I do question whether our tiny weekly contribution has made a difference and has the effort been worthwhile?

This question generally arises when I have what is commonly called “writer’s block”.

This is one of those occasions.

What should I write about? What will people be interested in reading at this time of year and after 2020, a year of restrictions turmoil and upheaval? Who is thinking about retirement when, just as we thought the light at the end of the tunnel was getting brighter, the virus returned, restrictions again impinged on our way of life and the tunnel got longer again?

Will 2021 be any different? I hope so!

What can you do to make it different?

On a global scale probably not a lot, but within your own small community you certainly can make a difference.

  • Remain positive. Optimism is a far more attractive attribute than to pessimism!

  • Avoid the negative outlook. This can be difficult on occasions, especially when it appears to be the only outlook written or spoken about in the media.

  • Remember your goals and objectives. If need be, make small adjustments.

  • Give yourself a new objective. Make it fun. Perfect kick turns on a stand-up paddle board - as I have mentioned this is my new fun objective for 2021.

  • Do not make unrealistic New Year’s resolutions. These are likely to be ones you will only break and then become depressed at your lack of discipline.

  • Be kind. Offer a helping hand to those less fortunate than yourself in your community.

  • Be patient. Remember not everyone is as smart as you are.

  • Show respect for other people’s opinions – even if you think they are wrong.

  • Remember to move. Do not spend hours watching the endless streaming services which are available.

I am not saying that this is a complete list and I know it is different to the normal list that would apply for a person building their retirement nest egg; but do remember it is not always about money.

It is about community, being positive (I know sometimes this is the hardest objective), understanding and respecting others and trying on occasions to have fun.

Good luck and fingers crossed for a wonderful and bright 2021!

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