Service Delivery

Central to our professional service delivery is a complete knowledge of our clients' financial situation.  This is firstly obtained through extensive initial consultations. Once you have decided to proceed with our firm, a Statement of Advice is prepared to introduce the service package that has been tailored to help you to achieve your long-term goals. For most clients this package consists of two components:  Strategic Personal Financial Services and Portfolio Services.

Strategic Personal Financial Services

This service package, centred on strategic and technical advice, is comprised of a range of elements, which vary depending on the specific needs of the client.  These elements may include:

  • Superannuation and/or Account Based Pension strategies.
  • Assistance with Self Managed Superannuation compliance.
  • Risk Management strategies (utilising insurances) or Estate Planning strategies (excluding legal advice).
  • Centrelink maximisation strategies including ongoing monitoring.
  • Specialist services such as aged care advice (existing clients).
  • Other tax minimisation strategies including the use of structures such as trusts, investment bonds and/or annuities.

The integrity of the advice provided through this service relies on the maintenance of accurate client information. To this end, we encourage regular meetings (in person or over the telephone) to:

  • Keep us abreast of changes to our clients' personal and financial circumstances, goals, objectives and needs.
  • Update clients on the economic environment, investment and legislative changes that may affect their strategies.

We are available outside of scheduled review meeting times should clients need to discuss, or make urgent changes to, their strategies or should new financial complexities arise that affect them or their families.

Portfolio Services

This service package allows us to develop and maintain an investment portfolio once the appropriate tax structure or structures (superannuation, pensions, trusts etc) are in place.  Portfolios are designed to fit the overall client strategy using methodologies supported by leading research and investment houses.  We take current financial market conditions into account before making any initial investments.

Most of our clients' portfolios are diversified across the various assets classes including shares or equities, property, fixed interest and cash.  These portfolios may consist of direct investments, managed funds or a combination of both.

For managed fund portfolios our service includes:

  • Ongoing monitoring of investment managers.
  • Recommendation of any required changes to portfolios. We may also use strategies such as dollar cost averaging and portfolio rebalancing to reduce volatility and provide a smoother investment journey.

For direct investment portfolios our service includes:

  • Regular recommendations (generally weekly) relating to the specific portfolio.
  • Quarterly updates and re-balances.
  • Processing of the purchases and sales of listed securities held in the portfolio, as required.
  • The handling of corporate actions, special offers and voting on resolutions, as required.
  • Ongoing administration including the management of dividend payments and tax information.

We also offer a 'cash-only service' which invests into at-call accounts and term deposits through a range of banks and credit unions.  Monies are spread to try and maximise the overall amount that is covered under the Government Deposit Guarantee whilst trying to optimise interest rate returns.